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Intentional, BOLD, & Unapologetic


A Guide to Transforming Schools in the AC-Stage of Education

Your leadership and urgency are needed as we move into a new era of Education. Get the book and lead the movement for opportunity for ALL!

We know the insidious and spurious issues in education – unfinished learning gaps, disparities among socioeconomics, rapidly changing demographics, and social injustices. A new academic recovery agenda will have to be intentional, bold, and unapologetic to prepare two generations – Generations Z and Alpha – to thrive in the emerging era.

In his new book, Dr. Michael T. Conner defines a progressive, evidence-based, and scientific approach to ensure excellence is metabolized in your learning organization. Dr. Conner combines his diverse expertise from education research and emergent/progressive practices to guide readers through the process of:

  • Applying the Disruptive Effect in the After COVID-19 Stage.
  • Implementing essential elements and emergent practices grounded in the Disruptive Excellence Framework to create an iterative organizational strategy and culture.
  • Creating an environment rooted in innovation and excellence to change the status quo.
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